Enterprise-grade testing at startup speed

All of the Pay4Bugs benefits you know and love


Results over the weekend, overnight or even during your lunch break!


Control your budget and set your own bug bounty. Only pay for bug reports you approve.


Test what you want when you want. Use multiple bounties to direct testing activity to the functionality you value most!

Customized for your enterprise

White glove support

Get help by phone or email around the clock. We can help you with onboarding your team both remotely or in person!

Pro testers

Crowdsourced testing on steroids. Make your project available to only our most seasoned professionals. Get expert results quickly and efficiently.

Payment flexibility

Can't pay by credit card? Flexible billing to suit your accounting and business needs including invoice, PO, EFT, ACH, wire/bank transfer, foreign currencies and Bitcoin!

Private testing teams

Does your project require domain specific knowledge? Bring your own testers on board or work with us to pick and choose from our active community of testers.

Proof of concept

Convince the bean counters that Pay4Bugs is good for the bottom line. A proof of concept run will help you build a business case.

Testing manager

Curated crowdsourced testing. We'll run your test cycles and screen bugs for you. We help you optimize your bug bounty to maximize tester engagement and results.

Customized tester agreements

Legal forcing yet another NDA on you? Require testers accept your custom agreement before they can access your project.

One account, multiple divisions

Do each of your projects have separate budgets? Need to keep testing costs separate? No problem! We can provide you will separate Pay4Bugs accounts billed with your accounting codes on one invoice.

Custom API integration

Integrate the Pay4Bugs bug queue with your internal bug tracking software of choice.

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