About Pay4Bugs

Pay4Bugs is the original pay per bug software testing marketplace. Our testers seek out and report problems with your software or website before they result in lost sales and customer complaints.

Pay4Bugs is a self-serve product designed to be used at your convenience. You control testing from your account and test when you want on your schedule. Our network of testers number in the thousands and is ready at any hour of the day to test.

Want some help? Want us to run testing for you? Contact us to learn more about our Enterprise Managed Testing options. Or Sign up now and begin testing in minutes!

The Story

C.S. Hsia and Larry started in business by developing Attigo Virtual Language Immersion, a language education product used by top schools and the U.S. Government. During the development of Attigo, they found it difficult to replicate the variety of computer hardware and software combinations and network conditions onsite with a small start-up budget.

To solve the problem, developed an in-house platform to pay Internet users who reported problems with Attigo. It worked so well, that it became our full time job!

The People

Larry and C.S. were college housemates and road trip buddies at Wesleyan University back in 2004 before going into business together.

Larry Salibra

Founder and handyman-in-residence

Larry is CEO and handyman-in-residence of Appartisan. He worked in the Quality Assurance department of large insurance company's IT operation in China before creating Attigo, the product that inspired Pay4Bugs. Larry leads the Pay4Bugs team and is an active member in the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Larry hails from Cleveland, Ohio, where he grew up coding at his high school summer job, swimming with Olympic-medal winning teammates and sailing on Lake Erie. He reads and writes Chinese and too many computer languages to be cool. He studied Political Economy with a focus on East Asia at Wesleyan.

C.S. Hsia

Founder and resident food enthusiast

C.S. heads up US operations and business development. He has several years of experience running business development and operations for a top NYC based online brokerage. He's also a familiar face at New York area tech and marketing meet-ups.

C.S. is a native of Taiwan who calls New York City home, that spent his formative years between Taipei, London, Ottawa and the USA. He is a published food writer, well-known in the NYC area and always knows the best restaurant (just ask!). He has a penchant for exotic British sports cars that are 100% stock. He studied Computer Science and Economics at Wesleyan.