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Schedules slip. We're developers, we get it. Get actionable results in as little time as your lunch break. Because you can't afford to ship without testing.

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Monitor your testing assignments. See who's testing and when bugs are being filed.

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You only pay testers for valid bug reports you approve. Take back control of your budget!


Quickly export approved bugs from Pay4Bugs to Github or your favorite bug tracking system.

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Test on a wide variety of mobile hardware and networks. Android? iOS? No problem! Even plays nicely with Apple TestFlight.

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About Pay4Bugs

We're passionate about making testing faster and easier so your users will love your product as much as you do!
Larry Salibra
C.S. Hsia

As developers, we always test our own work. Making sure what you're building works is part of the engineering process. Developers that have the time and money write automated test suites, detailed specs and use case documents for their QA engineers.

But testing internally is never enough. You and your colleagues know how your product is supposed to work, so it's easy for problems obvious to someone who hasn't spent the last 6 months working on the product to go unnoticed.

You know this, so you run a beta program. If you're lucky enough to have large numbers passionate fans like Apple or Google, recruiting beta testers isn't a problem. For others, we're left to asking (begging?) customers, colleagues, Twitter followers and sometimes even friends and family.

The problem with beta testers is that while you think they've signed up to help you find problems in your product, they really just want play with a new gadget or feel a work or social obligation to say they'll help. No one ever signs up for your "free beta" because they want to fill out bug reports.

Don't believe me? When was the last time you saw “Click here to report this error to the webmaster?” and actually sent in a report? That long, eh? Would you have sent in an report if you were offered $10? What about $100? Most would.

Pay4Bugs allows you to tap into the power of the crowd in the cloud and get your product tested in the real world, by real humans. People who will actually take the time to give you actionable bug reports instead of "it doesn't work." It's like having your own in house QA team once click away without the cost or the office!

We find software bugs for you so you can eliminate them and ship software that shines!


To learn more about Pay4Bugs browse our support documents or get in touch with us!
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